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Have you or your business associates considered Business Partnerships? While they can be fraught with unforeseen challenges, if done right and with clear documented communication, they can forge strength in product lines that you currently offer and present additional products & services that you would not have otherwise been able to offer. There truly is strength in numbers and this has certainly been seen even in my business. A small business or even a sole-proprietorship can still have business partnerships with others of same or similar businesses to provide strength and man-power. Another consideration is in the area of businesses that differ slightly or even significantly from yours… You become able to offer services or products that you personally do not work with because you are able to contribute to the business of others; this sort of partnership can provide customer loyalty, confidence between business partners, and giving quality leads can be it’s own reward.


If you were to start a small business, what would it be, and why?

If you really think about it there are probably many people out there that could be doing the business of their dreams – doing the very things they love to do rather then the things that they “have to do.”  Goals need to be achievable and sometimes these goals become the daunting tasks that become the reasons why people never venture out very far toward achieving these goals.  The key should be to focus not so much on the goals, though focus on achievable goals become essential, at first the focus should be on the “What If” – the dream.