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Have you considered developing trust-based marketing? Businesses people can trust are businesses that get business. While some decisions are made based on the lowest price, some on the additional features and benefits available, others are made solely based on who can be trusted.  Market your ability to be trusted and you may just find what you’re ultimately creating is your ability to develop a relationship that can earn you reoccurring income.  Beyond telling others you can be trusted, what is absolutely essential is that you maintain the relationships you have already formed.  Illustrate with consistent hard work that you are valuable.  Freely offered suggestions speak also of your value as you show a willingness to help.  Freely help when available, time permitting, and your clients have a unique reason to keep doing business with you.  Word of mouth advertising will sell your reliability far better then anything you could personally say or write about… Think about this, the equivalent of advertising you get from individuals speaking praise about your products and services can be more effective then traditional advertising methods.  As you build your business with a foundation of integrity, you’ll find your existing customer-base telling their friends and family about you and suggesting that they do business with you too.


In your attempts to have your site optimized for high search engine rankings, if all you do to create back-links is get footer links from other sites you may be sadly disappointed to find out that Google Pagerank and other search engine ranking systems may not view these as strong back-links.  Will footer links cut it? In a video answer from Google, they note that while it may not be of major concern right now with regard to pagerank, they do reserve the right to have footer based back-links not weigh as heavily, editorially,  in search engine rankings!  What does this mean for you?  If you produce websites and your only referral back-link out of the deal comes from a footer, you may want to give more careful thought now to what you will do differently to ensure your ranking with search engines.  When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and especially when it comes to Google, changing our methods should be a swift response to the rapid changes we can expect to come.  While an in-depth study comparing the ranking methods of both Google & Bing show a dramatic difference in methods, it also acknowledges an apparent shift from Bing to follow similar ranking methods as Google: “Bing seems to be moving much closer to Google over time.”

Call to Action: One suggestion for changing linking methods is to advocate a “sponsor’s page” or something to that effect so that main article links are also provided to you.  This will also provide the opportunity for you to create a ‘profile’ or description of your business without the negative impression associated with traditional advertising.  Another suggestion is look for ways to include your social media links & posts on other sites; this may be very obvious but if you have already been given a sponsor’s spotlight page on another site, this will be an excellent place to also share your social media links.



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Are links in footers treated differently than paragraph links? by GoogleWebmasterHelp

“Well if you go back and read the original page rank paper they said that the links were distributed completely uniformly, page rank was distributed without any regard, whether the link was at the top of the page, the bottom of the page, in the footer, in the text all that sort of stuff. In general our link analysis continues to get more and more sophisticated to the point where, what we compute today is still called page rank and still bears resemblance to the original page rank but it’s much more sophisticated than the original page rank used to be. So we do reserve the right to treat links and footers a little differently. For example if something is in the footer, it might not carry the same editorial weight so someone might have setup a single link and that might be something across the entire site, whereas something that is in actual paragraph of text is a little more likely to be in the editorial link. So we do reserve the right to treat those links differently in terms of how we consider them for relevance how we consider them for reputation, how much we trust them and all those sorts of things.”

Google vs. Bing: Correlation Analysis of Ranking Elements by Jitendra Singh Jat of EBriks InfoTech

Have you or your business associates considered Business Partnerships? While they can be fraught with unforeseen challenges, if done right and with clear documented communication, they can forge strength in product lines that you currently offer and present additional products & services that you would not have otherwise been able to offer. There truly is strength in numbers and this has certainly been seen even in my business. A small business or even a sole-proprietorship can still have business partnerships with others of same or similar businesses to provide strength and man-power. Another consideration is in the area of businesses that differ slightly or even significantly from yours… You become able to offer services or products that you personally do not work with because you are able to contribute to the business of others; this sort of partnership can provide customer loyalty, confidence between business partners, and giving quality leads can be it’s own reward.


Dreaming the Dream

I think it’s pretty safe to say that all small businesses start with an idea, a dream… then it’s just a matter of developing that dream into a reality.  What happens if that dream never develops or fades?  The Dream dies and along with it goes the business.  What if you could take some of the intimidation out of the picture by dreaming the dream together with someone who has genuine interest in seeing you succeed? What would that do for your dream?  Allow other dreamers to help cast a vision for what could be so that even if everything in the dream cannot become a reality… the fact that wild ideas came together could allow a realistic vision to form.  Perhaps you would like to speak to us about your dream/vision to see what could happen.


If you were to start a small business, what would it be, and why?

If you really think about it there are probably many people out there that could be doing the business of their dreams – doing the very things they love to do rather then the things that they “have to do.”  Goals need to be achievable and sometimes these goals become the daunting tasks that become the reasons why people never venture out very far toward achieving these goals.  The key should be to focus not so much on the goals, though focus on achievable goals become essential, at first the focus should be on the “What If” – the dream.


Shortened URL’s

You know, I find it very intriguing that most tweets we see come out tend to use shortened URL’s as opposed to the original… it intrigues me because twitter can be a powerful resource to enhance the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of a site but is far more effective for things such as page rank if the actual website domain is used.  Some may say, “the original URL is just too long” or “I want to target a specific page off of the main page.”  These are valid concerns and certainly shortened URL’s have made getting people to the right place a lot quicker and easier… but could we draw people to our root domains?  If we are focused on SEO as seriously as we talk about, we probably have numerous domains that help enhance our web presence anyway right?  So if you can, you might begin thinking about how frequently you could be including the actual domain of your site when linking.